One of the most important points you will hear from Akis Kastelloriou, a founder of Greek Stage Theatre, is that they are a “group of people fighting to preserve the Greek language in the Antipodes.” A message he reiterates on stage at the conclusion of performances for the highly entertaining Toc Toc.

The new comedy with references to local landmarks such as Enmore and Marrickville will appeal to all those who need a good laugh, albeit a thought provoking one as the theatrical brings to the fore a range of a unique set of problems, or tics that effect a range of people.

At the rehearsals. Photo: Smyrna Mytilene/Supplied

Set in a Doctor’s office, the nine-member cast, if you include the imagery Λευτεράκης, wait for their doctor who seemingly has erred in booking them all in at 4.30 pm. After some initial resistance to one another, the quirks of each character helps bring the group together.

Natasha Kastelloriou who plays the secretary, told Neos Kosmos, “through this comedy we want to make it known with humor and absolute respect, all these compulsions. To bring the community closer to these problems, to make them known, though at the same time to raise awareness in our community.

A fun and thought provoking play. Photo: Smyrna Mytilene/Supplied

“As we mention in the project (these quirks) are not madness, it’s a “small problem” that can be treated with appropriate treatment.” As well as love and compassion.

Set in one of the gems of Marrickville, Madouride Theatre at Addison Road, Greek Stage Theatre also brings audience participation into the fore, which this writer found amusing as he tried hard to dance Greek with two left feet.

A full house seemed to want more. If it is Greek and a night of nonstop laughter you are after, its worth seeing the show before it ends.

The Toc Toc team on stage. Photo: Smyrna Mytilene/Supplied

The ringing in my ear from the nonstop laughter of the audience is testament to an evening of joy on a cold night in Sydney.

This is the thirteenth play from the group and based on the response to Toc Toc, there will be plenty more productions in the future.

Performances remaining: Saturday, 27 May at 7pm and Sunday, 28 May at 5pm at Madouride Theatre.

Photo: Smyrna Mytilene/Supplied