Last Saturday the Cretan Brotherhood of Melbourne saw 200 people come together to honour the memory of the Battle of Crete in 1941 with a special dinner dance.

Milton Stamatakos, the president of the Cretan Brotherhood, set the stage with a warm welcome followed by an evening filled with remembrance and celebration.

Distinguished guests, including Bishop Evmenios of Kerasounda and the Vice Consul General, took the opportunity to highlight the enduring spirit of the Cretan people.

Bishop Evmenios addresses the guests. Photo: Supplied

The event featured performances by Cretan dance groups, who skillfully presented a theatrical showcase portraying scenes that unfolded in 1941 when loved ones bid farewell to join the war effort. The emotional depiction left the entire room in silence.

Following the powerful presentation, the heavy atmosphere shifted to one of joy and triumph as the Cretan dancing commenced.

Musicians from Crete Anastasios Bouchlakis, Andonis Kourakis, and Anastasios Georgkakis took to the stage and entertained patrons until late into the night with their talent and passion

A full house at the Cretan Brotherhood. Photo; Supplied
Young Cretans dancing in traditional attire. Photo: Supplied
A demonstration of Pentozali. Photo: Supplied
The dancers begin their performance. Photo: Supplied
Anastasios Bouchlakis, Andonis Kourakis, and Anastasios Georgkakis on stage. Photo: Supplied