A Sydney doctor is set to inherit millions from a patient’s will after a lengthy legal battle with the deceased man’s ex-business partner, friends and The Salvation Army.

According to The Daily Telegraph, this is the second time Dr Peter Alexakis’ has been left money from a patient’s will, with the first occurrence seeing him take an entire $80,000 estate in 2005.

Two months prior to his death in 2017, Raymond McClure wrote two wills that left the bulk of his $27 million estate to Alexakis.

The 83-year-old cancer patient’s previous beneficiaries launched legal action against the doctor, claiming he abused his position of trust by caring for and befriending an elderly man before he died.

The Daily Telegraph also reported that it was heard by the court, Dr Alexakis introduced McClure to the solicitor, Angelo Andresakis, who altered the will.

Police investigations found there to be no foul play, and the judge rejected multiple claims by the previous beneficiaries that Alexakis committed fraud.

The judge found there to be no evidence against Alexakis, therefore allowing him to collect the $24 million.

McClure was never married and had no children and had originally left his will to his 40-year business partner Frank Camilleri, a long-time friend and her family as well as The Salvation Army.

Camilleri has launched a separate case against the GP in the NSW Supreme Court, with the doctor contesting that case too.