Oakleigh Central centre management are urging the public to stop feeding the pigeons by the entry doors of the shopping centre on Portman Street.

Despite their best efforts to stop it from happening, including installing $100,000 metal bird spikes in the vicinity, a number of elderly women from the local community continue to feed the birds.

The spikes have failed to deter the pigeons from the area, as the smell of bread in the morning proves too good to resist.

The matter has even become dangerous, according to a police statement, with a recent occurrence seeing a large number of birds swooping down to eat, subsequently, scaring pedestrians into oncoming traffic.

Oakleigh Central have acquired the assistance of Victoria Police, and have appealed to the community to stop feeding the pigeons.

In other Oakleigh news, the Monash City Council is nearing the final consideration in the process of a proposal to enhance the footpath on Portman Street.

This would see widened footpaths and the addition of street trees and furniture.

In order for the improvements to be put in place, 14 car spaces and four loading zones in the space between Eaton Mall and Station Street will be removed.