Resource recovery company Repurpose It have been named 2023’s best business and also took home the award for sustainability and environment at the inaugural Whittlesea Business Awards.

These are the latest awards for the company, who was also recognised as one of Australia and New Zealand’s Most Innovative Companies last year.

CEO George Hatzimanolis says they’re honoured with the awards.

“To be recognised in the inaugural awards in two categories and winners in both was a real privilege for us and a highlight of our relationship with the City of Whittlesea,” he told Neos Kosmos.

The Repurpose It resource recovery park was established in Melbourne’s Epping taking the place of 150-acre clean fill. Photo: Supplied/Repurpose It

“We’ve always had an excellent relationship with them. We run a lot of education campaigns and we also have a great business network out here, interacting with a lot of our local businesses.”

Hatzimanolis also added that there is a strong community vibe, where they provide recycling services for the local businesses but also supply them with resources.

Some of these connections are with fellow Greeks, with the company working really close with the strong Greek community in the area.

Starting out six years ago, the Victorian company began with one employee, Hatzimanolis, and has since grown to 180+ employees.

Based in Epping, with two other sites in Montrose and Hallam, Repurpose It deal with construction and excavation waste as well as food and garden organics, and repurpose them into construction and landscape material.

Rather than wasting what people would think is garbage, Hatzimanolis and his company recycle it for the better.

CEO George Hatzimanolis (middle) with the six co-founders of Repurpose It (L-R) Michael Wilson, Mark Centofanti, David Wilson, Abraham Pace, Elvis Centofanti and Anthony Van Schaik. Photo: Supplied/Repurpose It

Last year he told Neos Kosmos that Greece went first time in its history, five hours on total renewable energy, and that is something he hopes Australia can try to achieve.

“If a smaller country in Europe like Greece is able to achieve that, given that they’re only playing catch up in recycling… then a place like Australia has no excuse with all the resources we have.”

“It made me really proud as a Greek.”

Australia is growing in that area according to Hatzimanolis, but the nation is too reliant on heavy industry and fossil fuels, leaving a lot more work to do.

Resource It has big plans and hope to play a bigger role in Australia’s growth to a more renewable future.

“We have a plan to build a renewable energy facility out here at our site in Epping, that will take food waste and convert it to biogas (a form of renewable energy).”

“When we eventually build that facility, that will be enough to take our operations off the grid.”