Are you ready to embark on a Greek adventure? Maybe visit friends and relatives? Or go back to your ancestors’ home? Neos Kosmos invites readers to share with us unique moments and the hidden treasures uncovered this summer – places and memories.

Sunset in the Aegean Sea. Photo: Raymond Klavins/Unsplash

Whether you are an expat returning home or a local with insider knowledge, we urge you to share the places and memories that lie off the beaten track.

Gytheio, Peloponnese. Photo: George Girnas

The photos can feature anything from a historic landmark, a pristine beach, a delicious dish to an unexpected encounter with other locals that captures the essence of Greece’s beauty.

A donkey in Mykonos, Greece. Photo: Anna Kaminova/Unsplash

Capture a hidden nook in a quaint village in the mainland or in Northern Greece, the party life of Athens Riviera, a breathtaking sunset over the Aegean Sea, the vibrant atmosphere of a local festival in the Ionian islands, or the ruins of Ancient Delphi… then contact Neos Kosmos for a chance to be featured in our publication.

Delphi. Cosmic Timetraveler/Unsplash

Selected photographs will be showcased in our print and online editions, credited to the respective photographer.

Zakynthos. Photo: Julian Timmerman/Unsplash

Greece is brimming with enchanting communities, awe-inspiring landscapes, and cultural gems waiting to be discovered. And we want to experience them through your eyes.

Kalochori Lagoon, Echedoro, Greece. Photo: Zoi Palla/Unsplash

Email your best shots – camera or smartphone – to with a brief description of the location and the story behind the photograph. You can also message us in Instagram @neos_kosmos or on Facebook.

Check out a collection of mesmerising dusk photos we received from the picturesque city of Kastoria below, courtesy of reader Konstantinos Spyropoulos.

More photos:

Walking down the alleyways of Skala Eressos, Lesvos, Greece. Photo: Tania Moutsinho/Unsplash
Chios, Greece. Photo: Vasiliki Mastopetrou/Unsplash