A significant number of our readers are currently in Greece or have plans to visit in the upcoming months. Neos Kosmos extends an invitation to all of you, whether you are already in Greece or have intentions of going there this summer, to share your experiences with our readership.

“The Paxoi Islands are one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, a true gem of the Ionian Sea with Venetian influences, and an ideal destination if you are seeking relaxing holidays under the summer sun with picturesque landscapes,” writes our reader Maria Gialeli, who adds:

“It is one of the most impressive destinations for summer vacations in the Ionian. The picturesque fishing villages, the stunning beaches, the traditional architecture of the Ionian Islands with Venetian elements, and the dense vegetation create a unique scenery that enchants.”

The photos she sent us confirm it.

Doors in Santorini. Photo: Christine Filippidis/Supplied

During her trip in Santorini, reader Christine Filippidis sent the above photo of a white door with a few of the Aegean through the glass: “Every time I am in Greece I feel more deeply connected to my roots, my mother and father, my culture, my soul… When I saw these doors, I was reminded of what Greece represents to me…Wherever in the country I am, or go – a beautiful adventure awaits.
All we have to do is walk through and welcome it with open arms, just as Greece welcomes us. These are not just doors, they are a portal to a rich history, immeasurable beauty, and special access to a unique, Hellenic tranquility. Every time I visit, a piece of me remains, and I take a piece of Greece back with me to Melbourne, Australia. I can’t wait to soul exchange, again.”

Sifnos. Photo by Tony Maniaty

Tony Maniaty, well-known Greek-Australian photographer and author, writes: “The summer rhythms of Sifnos make it the ideal Aegean island – not crowded with tourists and nightlife, and with a rugged but easily accessible landscape and wonderful traditional villages, it’s one of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades – just the ‘right size’ for a totally relaxing stay.”

Sifnos. Photo by Tony Maniaty

There are regular bus services to its wonderful beaches, and old donkey paths criss-crossing the island have been well-restored, making Sifnos perfect for hikes with spectacular views.”

Sifnos. Photo by Tony Maniaty

“The beaches are sandy, the water is unbelieveably blue, and the tavernas are well-priced with excellent fresh produce. Situated in the heart of the Aegean, it combines the best of what Greece offers – the perfect summer holiday destination.”

Sifnos. Photo by Tony Maniaty
Sifnos. Photo by Tony Maniaty

The next one features one of the oldest alleyways in Kastellorizo.

One of the few alleyways in Kastellorizo that has withstood the test of time. Photo by Nellie Kanella

Check out a mesmerising dusk photos we received from the picturesque city of Kastoria below, courtesy of reader Konstantinos Spyropoulos.

Photo: Konstantinos Spyropoulos

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