In a heartwarming video shared on TikTok, a young woman managed to convey the emotions of her 89-year-old Greek grandfather’s first visit to Greece to nearly one million people.

The elderly man’s walking cane did not hinder him from climbing the steps of the renowned Byzantine church of Agios Nikolaos Ragavas in Plaka and even the Acropolis.

He explored the ancient monument and visited the Archaeological Museum.

He also didn’t let anything stop him from traveling to Santorini, strolling through its alleys, enjoying ouzo, and dancing.

Regardless of the difficulty of the activities he engaged in, the grandfather appeared enthusiastic and joyful, proudly holding the Greek flag in his hands.


It took our Papou 89 years, but he finally got to Greece!!!! Can’t not cry at his pure joy and pride 🥹🥹🥹🥹🇬🇷🇬🇷 #greece #papou #santorini #mykonos #athens #greektiktok #grandpa #grandparentsoftiktok #greecetiktok #familyvacation

♬ De Ginetai – Elli Kokkinou & Foivos

“It took him 89 years, but he finally went to Greece! I can’t help but cry from happiness and pride,” wrote AnnaMG24, who uploaded the video almost a month ago.

“Absolute happiness,” is the caption the granddaughter added to the photo of her grandfather that concludes the video. “We love you, grandfather,” she wrote in another photo.

AnnaMG24’s video skyrocketed in views on her account, reaching even Newsweek.

Since June 14, it has garnered approximately one million views, over 100,000 likes, and received more than 1,000 comments. Many users express their emotions openly and admit that “this is something we all needed.”

As Newsweek commented in its article, “Nestled in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, Greece attracts an average of 30 million tourists annually, making it a popular holiday destination for those seeking the sun, near and far.”