The Greek Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Digital Governance have joined forces to create a new specialised section on the website specifically tailored to serve the needs of Greeks living abroad.

This newly added section, titled “Greeks Abroad,” is prominently featured on the main page of the website.

It aims to provide Greek citizens residing permanently or temporarily overseas with convenient access to frequently used services. Additionally, the section offers the option of scheduling digital appointments for assistance from the Consulate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through teleconferencing.

The initiative recognises the significant contributions and requirements of Greek diaspora communities, particularly during their everyday lives, and demonstrates the commitment to strengthen their bond with the homeland.

The collaboration between the two ministries highlights the government’s dedication to digitalization and equal access to public services for Greeks living abroad.

Greek Foreign Minister, Giorgos Kotsiras, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative and its potential impact on the Greek diaspora. He highlighted that this endeavour comes shortly after the passing of a bill granting voting rights to Greeks living abroad, and it further aims to facilitate their daily experiences while enhancing their relationship with their home country.

Konstantinos Kouranakis, Deputy Minister of Digital Governance, stressed the symbolic significance of this new section, stating that it symbolises the government’s commitment to actively engaging and building strong connections with Greeks abroad.

The move towards digitalisation and equal access to public services for the Greek diaspora represents a fundamental pillar of their policies.

This collaborative effort reflects the Greek government’s dedication to embracing technology and adapting its services to meet the evolving needs of its citizens living around the world.