Internationally acclaimed and award-winning practitioner in Sogetsu Ikebana, Emily Karanikolopoulos, is holding yet another one of her popular workshops in Japanese Floral art, on Saturday 19 August, 10am-12pm at Gas Works Art Studios in Albert Park.

With a career spanning over 18 years, she has dedicated herself to the art form, immersing in intensive studies, workshops, and events, both in Australia and at the Sogetsu headquarters in Tokyo. Her contributions and awards have earned her international recognition within and beyond the ikebana community. Her ikebana compositions are infused with ideas inspired by architecture, paintings, fashion, and sculpture.

Students create Japanese floral arrangements during one of Emily’s Sogetsu Ikebana workshops in Melbourne. Photo: Facebook/Ikebana International Melbourne #29

As a seasoned educator, she presently conducts courses catering to novices and proficient practitioners alike, including a monthly Masterclass for more advanced ikebanists. Her weekly Ikebana blog ( draws the admiration of an international audience.

For more information and to secure a place in Emily’s upcoming workshop, contact the Greek Australian Cultural League by email: or call 0428968715.