Swimming Australia will hold the biggest meeting in its history on Sunday when members vote on a new constitution.

The local body was forced to call a snap special general meeting after been given a 30-day deadline to adopt a new constitution or risk expulsion from World Aquatics.

The global governing body has called for changes to SA’s constitution to allow World Aquatics vice-president Matthew Dunn voting rights and address various conflicts of interest for members who have commercial partnerships.

SA president Michelle Gallen urged members to adopt the new constitution or risk the future of the sport.

“The message from the governing body is abundantly clear,” said Gallen on Thursday.

“If we don’t make these necessary changes, then our standing in the sport is in jeopardy.”

Australia is among the strongest swimming countries in the world, winning the most gold medals in July at the world championships in Japan.

World Aquatics executive director Brent Nowicki said a new constitution would modernise SA.

“World Aquatics welcomes the changes to the Swimming Australia Constitution,” he said.

“(It) will give more power to athletes and a voice on the Board, while also delivering a broader voting base more closely connected to athletes and coaches.”

Source: AAP