Macquarie University in Sydney, the University of Western Macedonia (UOWM) and the Greek Consulate Johannesburg in South Africa are co-organising an online conference on the Greek language.

Coinciding with International Greek Language Day, the conference, titled “Modern practices in the teaching of Greek as a second/foreign language”, will take place on January 27 and 28, 2024.

Lecturer and Director of the Program of Modern Greek Studies at Macqurie University Dr Patricia Koromvokis says the collaboration will help modernise teachings.

“The international collaboration with Professor Eleni Griva (UOWM) and Dr Georgios Vlachos (Johannesburg) will play a key role in the effective reform and modernisation of the learning and teaching of Greek language in the diaspora of Australia, always aligned with the contemporary language needs of students and the urgent need for professional development of the teachers,” she said.

The conference is held for academics, PhD candidates and post-grad students in a research area related to Greek language, graduates of the Departments of Education and Greek Philology as well as for all those who are involved in the teaching of Greek as a second/foreign language.

Others invited are those who teach Greek language as a second/foreign language abroad and Greek-speaking schools who teach Greek to culturally diverse students in Greece.

Topics discussed will include:

. Contemporary Practices and Approaches for Teaching Greek

. Educational Materials and Activities for Learning Greek in print and digital format

. Intercultural Skills and Strategies

. Utilisation of Digital Media for Teaching the Greek Language

. Literacies of Teaching Greek

. Distance Teaching of the Greek Language

. Assessment of Students’ Language Achievement/Language Skills

. Educational Policies for the Greek Language and Greek Culture

. The Value and Universal Offer/Contribution of the Greek Language & Greek Culture

For more information, visit the conference website.