The Greek island of Gavdos, located just south of Crete, is at odds with nudists who are removing “Nudism is prohibited” signs from the Sarakiniko beach.

According to Greek news site, this has become a daily occurrence since the start of summer when the signs were first installed.

It was reported that earlier this week, locals spotted two females and a male, who are well-known vacationers of the island, destroying the signs.

Mayor of Gavdos Lilian Stefanaki released a statement addressing the issue.

The statement, titled “Nudism and the law of the strong” essentially says that the beach is for everyone, and nudists prevent the beach from being used by all, especially the locals.

“In winter, 80-100 people live in Gavdos, with less than 50 locals. In the summer, several thousand visitors come to the island, with a large number of them feeling that by coming and returning to the unique paradise that is the island, they gain more rights and opinion on local matters than the ‘reclusive’ locals,” the statement reads.

The local council will continue to restore the signs and will seek legal action for damage to public property.

Sarakinko is one of ten beaches they wish to be available to all, with many other beaches allowing nudity, including the island’s most famous beach Agios Ioannis, which welcomes all beach goers, clothed or not.