Friday night was a night to remember for all South Melbourne fans as their team made history in the highly anticipated NPL Championship semi-final against Oakleigh Cannons.

Both “Blue and White” teams put on an electrifying performance that reminded us all why football is the undisputed king of sports – its extraordinary capacity to bring people together and create moments of pure joy.

Lakeside Stadium was packed with passionate supporters from both sides. The anticipation was palpable in the air, with each team eager to prove their worth on the pitch.

As the teams prepared for the match, they couldn’t have been more different.

The home team, led by Argentinian coach Esteban Quintas, was practically trembling with excitement and anticipation.

Every last one of them was ready to take the pitch as soon as the referee blew his whistle. On the opposite side of the field, the Cannons had a more serene presence.

Bradley Norton, the captain of the team, completed 300 matches in South Melbourne’s jersey. Photo: Con Deves

Despite their composed demeanour, their experienced coach Chris Taylor seemed just the slightest bit on edge. Regardless, the two teams were ready to face off and put on a show that nobody would forget.

The home team was certainly in their element from the start, dominating the centre of the pitch and looking to capitalize on counter-attacks and set-pieces.

The visitors were doing their best to move the ball around, but didn’t seem to be able to generate any real danger.

Then, at the 14 minute mark, Mikkola’s corner from the right-hand side found its way to Marshall’s head, and Painter-Andrews tried to turn it into a shot-pass. In a moment of brilliance amidst a sea of bodies, Marcus Schroen emerged and slotted the ball into Nick Feely’s net, giving South Melbourne a 1-0 lead.

It was a wonderful display of skill, and a great way for the home team to get off to a great start.

Esteban Quintas’ players were feeling pretty smug with the lead in their pocket.

Schroen makes it 1-0 for South Melbourne. Photo: Con Deves

Their defensive prowess was on full display, shutting down Oakleigh Cannons’ attacks with ease.

South Melbourne had clearly cracked the code for victory, with their intricate defence line providing a solid foundation and their attacking midfielders causing all sorts of headaches for the opposition defenders.

At halftime, the score was a deadlock at 1-0, with both teams returning to the pitch after a fifteen-minute break with the same eleven players that had started the match.

The Cannons were desperately trying to gain the upper hand, but they had no ammunition to propel them forward.

South Melbourne had blocked off the field, creating a dead-end for the Cannons and trapping them in an inescapable situation.

It was a well-orchestrated strategy from South Melbourne to keep the Cannons at bay, and for the time being, it seemed to be working.

Time was running out for the Cannons, with the heat of the match taking its toll, when in the 74th minute the team was saved by none other than Connor Hampson.

Joe Guest delivered an expert corner kick and Hampson rose above the rest with a powerful header, sending the ball flying into the net and bringing a wild cheer from the crowd.

The Cannons were now back in the game and it was time to make their mark.

With only fifteen minutes left in the game, both teams were pushing the boundaries and trying to create dangerous situations near both goalposts.

This display of sportsmanship from both teams was heart warming to see, and it’s moments like these that make the game of football so special.

Marcus Schroen was determined to make it home in time for dinner, and his team’s fans could feel his enthusiasm. The home team’s number ten gave it his all in the last few minutes of the game, clearly showing his displeasure at the thought of overtime or a penalty shootout

Painter-Andrews threw in the ball from the right a mere minute into extra time and the Cannons defenders were unable to clear it, leaving an opening for Marcus Schroen to take a one-piece volley that flew into the corner of Feely’s goal.

The crowd went wild as Schroen, in a state of euphoria, raced to celebrate his big goal with his teammates in front of the South Melbourne fans.

The fans were ecstatic as they witnessed a historic moment in the match, and it was clear that the celebration would be remembered for years to come.

Lakeside Stadiums stand was with football fans of all ages. Photo: Con Deves

It was a momentous goal that enabled “Hellas” to progress to the championship grand final against Avondale, which is scheduled to take place on September 10.

It was an extraordinary occasion for the renowned club, which filled the thousands of its supporters with a sense of pride.

Avondale – Melbourne Knights

The Knights worked tirelessly during the game, exhibiting impressive levels of stamina and strength.

Despite the tremendous effort put forth by the players, they were unable to keep up with Avondale’s offensive onslaught and eventually fell to the higher-ranked team.

Even though the result was not in their favour, the Knights should be proud of their effort and determination during the match – it was a valiant effort that showcased their skill, tenacity, and commitment to the game.

The Italians had a game to forget – their wings were flapping in vain, their midfielders were passing the buck, and Croatian coach Ben Cahn had them completely stumped with his defensive puzzle.

The resolution to the conundrum was one of the league’s most talented footballers, Kristian Trajceski.

The 24-year-old midfielder capitalised on a wrong pass by the Knights defenders in the 71st minute and with a sublime strike from the periphery of the pitch, he secured the score of 1-0, which ultimately proved to be sufficient to propel his team into the grand final on September 10th.

It was a just outcome for the home side, who have displayed remarkable footballing prowess throughout the season.

It is certain that South Melbourne and Avondale will provide us with a finale that will be full of passion and magical moments that only the King of Sports can provide.


South Melbourne – Oakleigh Cannons 2 – 1 (14′ M. Schroen, 90+2′ M. Schroen – 74′ C. Hampson)

Avondale – Melbourne Knights 1 – 0 (71′ K. Trajceski)

Avengers Park was packed for the semi-final between Avondale and Melbourne Knights. Photo: James Deliyannis