In a revival of Eugène Ionesco’s iconic 1952 play, “The Chairs,” Australian theater icons Paul Capsis and iOTA take center stage.

Directed by Gale Edwards, this gender-bent adaptation breathes new life into the central couple’s roles.

This rendition of “The Chairs” not only offers a fresh perspective on a classic but also introduces subtle queerness into the narrative, enhancing the characters’ struggles with societal norms.

The addition of an AI-generated Orator prompts thought-provoking questions about technology’s role in communication.

Dressed in Angela Doherty’s transformative costume designs, Capsis and iOTA transition from beige rags to party attire, accentuated by bold makeup choices.

Their synergy brings Ionesco’s words to life, with moments of comedic absurdity and profound emotion that promise to leave audiences “spellbound”.

The play’s tower, envisioned by Brian Thomson, serves as a backdrop, with chairs playing a symbolic role as integral as the actors themselves.

Lighting and sound design by Benjamin Brockman and Zac Saric contribute to the immersive experience.

Catch “The Chairs” at the Old Fitz Theatre in Woolloomooloo until October 8. Tickets start at $55.