The Hellenic Women’s Network Vic HELIADES Inc. and EEAMA are coming together for the upcoming book launch of Vivian Vass’s latest work, ‘Spinning Plates Changing Hats’.

The book is about the journey of a woman who emigrated to Australia as a teenager from a post war-torn Greece to defy the odds, pushing through obstacles and challenges with sheer persistence and courage.

This is a raw and honest account of struggle, discrimination, strength and ambition. The amassing of 70 jobs in her working life reveals a historic record not only of personal achievement but it also captures the history of political and economic circumstances of the time.

The book cover. Photo: Supplied

Driven by an inherited warrior spirit, Vivian plowed through unrest and toxic environments in a fast paced world.

This event promises to be a special occasion, providing an opportunity to meet the esteemed author and celebrate literature and culture in the company of like-minded individuals. on Sunday, 17 September from 3pm to 5p at Stars International (1C/Bells Street, Preston, Victoria).

To reserve your seat, kindly contact Vivian Vass at 0413 747 859 and/or Niki Matziaris-Garay at 0404 964 155.