The Hellenic Museum will be hosting a number of events over the next two months that will be sure to pique the interest of Greek history lovers as well as those wanting to dive into forms of artwork that combine philosophy and active meditation.

Greek Palaeography Masterclass

Ideal for students of Classics, Archaeology, Greek and ancient Greek language, this class will see participants examine authentic texts from the museum’s collection to learn about the history of the Greek alphabet.

Before the printing press, the Greek language and alphabet was used changed a number of times over millennia, so many would not understand the inscriptions on ancient artefacts.

Train in palaeography, practice reading and writing on papyrus in various styles, and come away with the tools to continue learning after the session is well and truly over.

The masterclass will run on Saturday September 23 at 11am.

A History in Ink

The history of tattoos will be explored alongside artist Bobbie Dazzler who will guide participants to create their own tattoo-like artwork using both traditional and modern tools on silicone ‘skin’ – which they’ll be able to take home.

Participants will also learn the historical meanings, materials and methods of tattooing with an emphasis on ancient Greek and Mediterranean cultures.

In ancient times, the Greeks would use tattoos to brand criminals and slaves.

Recommended for ages 16+, A History in Ink will run on October 21 from 10.20am

Something for the kids

Kids also have something to look forward to with two hands-on workshops; Letters of Olympus: A Kids’ Guide to Greek and Breaking the Past: Artistic Archaeology.

In Letters of Olympus, kids will unlock the mysteries of ancient Greek language by learning how the ancient’s wrote letters and curses, deciphering messages on ancient artefacts, creating encoded messages using the Greek alphabet, designing a labyrinth on real papyrus and crafting their own ancient-style wax tablet.

Breaking the Past will see kids train to become an archaeologist by creating, destroying and discovering how artefacts are pieced back together.

Kids will paint on a miniature pit or plate and then destroy said object before piecing it back together with help.

Both workshops are recommended for children aged 7-14, with the first one on September 24 at 10.15am and the latter on October 1, also at 10.15am.

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