Forty of the 104 survivors of a deadly shipwreck off Pylos, SW Greece, in June 2023 filed a suit against all responsible persons at the Maritime Court of Piraeus.

The suit was filed by their lawyers, according to a joint statement by the Network for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants, the Hellenic League for Human Rights (HLHR), the Greek Council for Refugees, the Initiative of Lawyers and Judges for the Pylos Shipwreck, and the Refugee Support Aegean.

In the statement  released on Thursday (Greece time), they said that there was “a series of violations by Greek authorities of their obligations to guarantee the protection of passengers’ lives, and are calling for an effective investigation related to the conditions of the most deadly shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea in recent years.”

Survivors also said that Greek authorities “neglected to intervene immediately and to organise the right operation in a timely manner to rescue passengers.

Several hundreds of migrants left Libya for Italy on the wooden boat, which sank nearly 50 nautical miles off Pylos, killing as many as 500 people including up to 100 children in the ship’s hold with their mothers. A total of 104 survived and 82 deaths were confirmed.

Source: AMNA