On Sunday, Sydney’s Enmore Theatre presented the third feature film from Alex Lykos, the documentary Disconnect Me, about living without a smartphone and social media.

Disconnect Me, which strays from Lykos’ usual romantic comedies (Alex & Eve, Me & My Left Brain) centres around him going on a mobile phone detox for 30 days.

Locking away the smartphone in a safe and attempting to live closely to how society once did, without the dependence on a mobile phone and social media.

Themi Kallos of SBS, Director alex Lykos and NSW Government Minister Sophie Cotsis, at the screening of Disconnect Me. Photo: Supplied

Enmore, the iconic venue, was packed to the rafters with up to 1000 people who came to see Lykos’ documentary.

The event began with a speech from the Mayor of Inner West, Darcy Byrne, who called the Inner West Council “the creative hub of NSW.”

With a music soundtrack that included contributions from the legendary George Ellis, the event finished with an opera solo from teenager Angelina Castelli, who told Neos Kosmos she gave up her night studying for a math test to attend. Angelina Castelli and her mother, Aphrodite, both feature in the film.

Filmmaker ALex Lykos on sage with teenage opera singer Angelina Castelli. Photo: Supplied

Alex Lykos told Neos Kosmos that another session is planned at Randwick next Sunday before a mainstream cinema release across 30 cinemas nationwide and an international film release in the USA.

Alex goes on to say he was happy with the audience’s reaction and response. He left me with a thought, “technology is good as long as we use it to serve our lives, not control our lives.”

The film, 12 months in the making, received a standing ovation.

The Enmore Theatre was filled to capacity for the screening of Lykos’ Disconnect Me. Photo: Supplied

Neos Kosmos recently interviewed Alex Lykos on the documentary.