The Pan-Macedonian Association of NSW is holding its Annual Dinner Dance, Dimitria Festival on Saturday, 28 October.

This will be the 40th year for the annual Dimitria Festival in New South Wales, hosted by the Pan-Macedonian Association of NSW since 1983. The Pan-Macedonian Association of NSW is the peak organisation and body representing Greeks from the region of Macedonia and their society, history and culture.

All funds raised will be donated to the St George Hospital in Kogarah. Attendees will be entertained by live band ‘The Aegean Quartet’, traditional dance as well as a stage to dance on, a three course meal and unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks.


The festival has strong ties to the population of the wider Greek and Philhellenic communities in Sydney, New South Wales and Australia and is a member of the World Pan-Macedonian Association and the Pan-Macedonian Federation of Australia.

Dimitria Festival is celebrated by the Greek diaspora throughout the world, as well as in the heartland of Macedonia within her beautiful capital of Thessaloniki, Greece.

The origins of the Dimitria Festival can be traced back to the 12th century, during the times of the Byzantine Empire’s sovereignty over Thessaloniki where even at that time, it was regarded one of the most important cultural events. Dimitria Festival is also held in honour St Demetrios of Thessaloniki, the patron protector saint of the city and residents of Thessaloniki commemorated on 26 October every year, within the timeframes of the Dimitria Festivities.

Entertainment plays a leading role in the Dimitria Festival, with the event featuring theatre, dance, art, music and literary activities throughout the month of October. It has also been recognised as a significant ‘art’ participator by the European Festivals Association since 1995.


The Pan-Macedonia Association of NSW was established in the early 1980s as an umbrella organisation of most Greek Macedonian associations in New South Wales. Today, there are 11 member organisations collaboration to bring the festival to life:

– Chalkidiki – Brotherhood of Chalkidiki “Aristoteles” of NSW Incorporated – Χαλκιδική

– Edessa – Philanthropic Association of Pella “Edessa” – Έδεσσα

– Florina – Greek Macedonian Brotherhood of Florina “Amyntas III” Incorporated – Φλώρινα

– Kozani – Macedonian Association of Nomos Kozanis “Lassanis” Incorporated – Κοζάνη

– Newcastle – Macedonian Brotherhood of Newcastle and District “Pavlos Melas” Limited – Νεόκαστρο

– Panagia Soumela – Pontian Society of Sydney “Panagia Soumela” Limited – Παναγία Σουμελά

– Pontoxeniteas – United Pontian Benevolent Brotherhood “Pontoxeniteas” of NSW Limited – Ποντοξενιτέας

– Serres – Serres Society “Pan Serraikos” – Σέρρες

– Vermion – Imathias Association “Vermion” Incorporated – Βέρμιον

– Wollongong – Greek Macedonian Brotherhood of Wollongong “Captain Kottas” – Γούλονγκονγκ

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