The Nikotsaras Association of Larissa raised $20,000 towards the flood victims on Saturday in a heartfelt response by some local Greek Australian communities.

Dozens of gathered on Saturday at the Nikotsaras Association of Melbourne offices in Clayton in response to a fundraising call.

Nikotsaras’ goal was to organise a community fundraiser to assist the people living the areas affected by the recent floods that struck the wider region of Thessaly.

The board were moved to action after hearing firsthand accounts of “the unprecedented deadly and devastating floods caused by the cyclone” from the association’s president, Athanasios Sakellaris, who had just returned from the affected region.

The association’s secretary, Efi Belagia, proposed the donation of $10,000 to the Labour Center of Larissa to provide assistance to victims who she said, “will be dealing with the results of catastrophe for time to come.” The proposal was immediately approved by the board of Nikotsaras on September 15 and the funds are on their way to their destination.

Nikotsaras Association of Melbourne president, Athanasios Sakellaris relayed first hand accounts of the catastrophic floods. Photo: Con Deves


The Greek Australians n Clayton, rushed to support the initiative offering financial and other forms of assistance.

Gathered were the Greek Vice-Consul for Victoria, Georgia Botsiou, Rev. Father Charalambos, representing Archbishop Makarios, Vice-President of the Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM), Dimitris Bosinakis and Dr. Nikos Dallas. Areti Akamati the president of Community of Agia Paraskevi in St. Albans offered $1,000 on behalf of the community.

Ms Belagia also read a message of support from the Victorian Minister and Member for Oakleigh Steve Dimopoulos.

“It is hope that this initiative will garner from individuals and other communities,.

“If nothing else, with the departure of Cyclone Daniel, the problems for our compatriots who saw their homes, properties, villages, and lives buried under mud have not disappeared” said Ms Belagia.

Testimonials were also heard from those with family and friends in Thessaly, that all underscored a need for essential items such as mattresses, beds, and utensils.

There were also heart-wrenching descriptions from people missing and dead in devastating floods

The board of the Nikotsaras Association was immediately moved to action by accounts of the floods in Thessaly. Photo: Con Deves


The danger in Greece has not passed. The Greek national meteorological service warnings have forecast more rain and storms over the already affected areas next week.

Deteriorating weather is predicted from Monday, September 25, with heavy rains and thunderstorms affecting Western, Central, and Northern Greece. Monday looks to be particularly bad in the western parts of Thessaly, western and central Sterea, Epirus, western Macedonia, and the Ionian Islands.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Thessaly will receive a predicted high rainfall will in the prefectures of Karditsa, Trikala, the southern areas of Larissa, and the northern and eastern parts of Magnesia.

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection has put all the relevant state agencies and the regions and municipalities on high alert in readiness to immediately respond to any weather events.

Secretariat for Civil Protection has advised citizens to be cautious, and to take self-protection measures where they can.

The Association secretary Efi Belagia, proposed the donation of $10,000 to the Labour Center of Larissa. Photo: Con Deves


The treasurer of the Association of Elassona, Giannis Karaventzas, said the fundraising for flood victims exceeded $20,000.

“At the gathering, along with the initial amount deposited by our Association, the total amount raised exceeded $20,000,” Mr Karaventzas said.

“The contribution of the well-known fellow compatriot Mr. Panagiotis Iasonidis was moving. He called us from the hospital to make his contribution. We thank the religious, consular, and community authorities who honoured us with their presence.

“We thank all those who attended and contributed to the gathering, and we would like to remind everyone that the fundraising continues, and those who wish to make their contributions can do so to the designated bank account (Central Union of Elassona: BSB 06 3121 – Account number 10182223).

“We thank Neos Kosmos, 3XY, SBS Radio, 3ZZZ Radio, and everyone who helped and continues to help for this sacred purpose,” Mr. Karaventzas concluded.

Rev. Father Charalambos, representing Archbishop Makarios rose to speak of the need to assist Greeks in Thessaly. Photo: Con Deves


Below is the list of donors and the amounts raised, as sent by the treasurer of the Association of Elassona “O Nikotsaras,” Mr Karaventzas:

Vanilla Oakleigh $500.00

Meat Me Oakleigh $500.00


KENTAVROS Huntingdale $20.00

Nikos and Niki Fishshop $20.00


Zaparas Paschalis $500.00

Anonymous neighbor $500.00

Tyrnavos Imports Achilleas Tsoukras $500.00

Kontokostas BUTCHERS Huntingdale $200.00

Papa-Charalambos (Three Hierarchs) $200.00

Motsiouni Georgia $100.00 (Total for 3160)

Botsiakis Dimitris $100.00

Nikos Dallas $100.00


Economou Vasilis, President of Trikalinon $100.00

Federation of Greek Associations of the Elderly (President Mr. Ioannis Kostoulas) $200.00

Greek Orthodox Community St. Albans “Agia Paraskevi” $1000.00

Association of the Elderly Bulleen & Templestowe $100.00

Tasos and Kali Kokovitis $100.00 (Total for 2000)

Lioupas Savvas $50.00

Paschos Antonis $100.00

Kalaitzoglou Stratos $50.00

Kalaitzoglou Dimitris $20.00

Agas Lefteris $10.00

Manousaki Charalambos $20.00

Tsoumakos Kostas $50.00

Koutsis Nikos $200.00

Daviotis Athanasios $200.00

Panidis $20.00

Gerogiannis Kostas $20.00

Ntavolis Nikolaos $150.00

Aridas Dimitrios $50.00

Sakellari Athanasios $100.00

Tsikos Athanasios $50.00

Papaioannou Elias $100.00 (Total for 790)

Didaskalou Dimitrios $50.00

Tsiakarlis Georgios $50.00

Ntigkas Christos $100.00

Tsakmakis Kostas $50.00

Pharmakiotis Georgios $100.00

Karamanis Nikos $50.00

Gkoris Thomas $100.00

Ntoufas Giannis $100.00

Karakostas Dimitrios $50.00

Tapas Apostolos $20.00

Poligenis Dimitrios $50.00

Arapis Christoforos $20.00 (Total for 740)

Vournikos Panagiotis $40.00

Gkatas Georgios $50.00

Karakostas Dimitrios $100.00

Matheas Dimitrios $30.00

Gkogouras Nikolaos $50.00

Pouras Zisis $50.00

Sakellari Athanasios $500.00

Varos Dimitrios $20.00

Karagiannidis Vasilis $50.00

Anonymous $10.00

Tsakournou Kalliopi $20.00 (Total for 920)

Pilouras Konstantinos $50.00

Anastasiadi Foteini $50.00

Evaggelou Zisis and Eleni $50.00

Katsivelos Kostas $50.00

Manis Nikitas $50.00

Karaventzas Dimitrios $500.00

Vasileiou Tzikas Family $100.00

Berntes Christos $50.00

Panagiotis Iasonidis $200.00 (Total for 1100)