Less than a year has passed since Yannis Ploutarchos visited Australian shores, and yet the singer with countless hits and a career full of loved songs is here to entertain again.

As he did last year, he is performing on stage with his children, Giorgos Kakosaios and Katerina Kakosaiou.

Katerina Kakosaiou with her father performing at Kinisis at Trak. Photo: Con Deves

His first performance took place in Darwin. Next up was Melbourne at Kinisi at Trak where tickets sold out days before the performance.

Plutarchos and his children will perform again at Kinisi on October 7.

He is also scheduled to perform in Sydney on Friday, October 6.

Ploutarchos being showered with flowers. Photo: Con Deves

“It’s not an exaggeration. What we are experiencing is overwhelming,” the acclaimed artist told Neos Kosmos and added:

“I’ve been to Australia many times and every time the expats pleasantly surprise me with their love.”

Giorgos Kakosaios, Ploutarchos’ son performs to Melbourne’s fans. Photo: Con Deves

A love that he reciprocates and not only with his songs.

Yiannis Plutarchos has had a successful career singing for 25 years, having such huge hits as “Afieromeno”, “Ah Koritsi Mou”, “Ola Se Sena Ta Vrika”, “To Kalitero Pedi”, “Kamia Den Miazi Me Sena Matia Mou” and many more.

A night to remember for Greek song lovers. Photo: Con Deves

As for his children, who accompany him on tour, he says he “prides himself as a parent” but is also “strict” with them.

“Nothing is given away. They have to make a name for themselves with their talent and perseverance in the field,” he stresses.

The event at Kinisi at Trak was sold out days ahead of Saturday’s concert. Photo: Con Deves
Friends savour the night. Photo: Con Deves

Born in the village of Mavrogeia, just outside Orchomenos, Ploutarchos was brought up family that struggled to make ends meet. He started singing at the age of 6 and ten years later, having decided that he wanted to pursue singing, he moved to Athens under the pretext that he wanted to study hairdressing. There, in order to make a living, he worked in a hairdressing salon in the mornings and sang in clubs at night. But he was disappointed by the conditions in entertainment and left. But his love for singing made him return two years later.

His second album was his break, becoming a huge commercial success which allowed him to go on to collaborate with the biggest names in the business.