Greek literacy decline in Australia is at “emergency levels” according to Melbourne University Literacy Education Professor Joseph Le Bianco, and the Greek-Australian Film Society (GAFS) want stem the decline.

If literacy is on the down, what does that mean for film and other parts of Greek-Australian culture?

GAFS will be hosting a launch party on October 27 to let the community know who they are, what they stand for and what they have planned to preserve this sub-culture.

The society is a network of Greek-Australian cinephiles and industry practitioners committed to presenting, celebrating and creating Greek-Australian films.

They also want to preserve the past work of Greek-Aussies and produce their own content based on foundational principles.

GAFS is spearheaded by Melbourne based actor, filmmaker, producer and model Nikita Chronis, who tells Neos Kosmos that these said principles include “quintessential Hellenic virtues of philotimo, agapi, leventia, charmolypi and philoxenia.”

“These values provide the bedrock of our creative vision, as our Society recognises the futility of clinging solely to external customs,” he said.

“It is a sad reality that our dances, language, music, food and other cultural quirks will most likely pass away in an age of rapidly increasing globalisation.

“However, there is hope. With the resurrection and purposeful revitalisation of these values, we have a greater chance of not only maintaining the external elements of our ethnos, but imbuing them with a new-found life – a life facing firmly towards the future.”

Chronis says it is a grand project that will take time to manifest but they’re already receiving “tremendous” support.

Some of this support is coming from notable Greek-Australians in the film industry – such as Costas and Louis Mandylor, Tony Nikolakopoulos, Nick Kozakis.

The launch event is at 6pm on October 27 at Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne and will include food, drinks, live entertainment, a short-film gallery/exhibition and more.

Tickets cost $65, but members of GAFS will see a discounted price of $10.

Tickets to the launch and membership information can be found here.

For more details you can contact GAFS via email at and follow their Instagram channel @gafsinc to keep up to date with all things GAFS.