The Melbourne Marathon is upon us once again and this year well known CEO Mike Zervos will take on the 42km challenge.

Given his Greek heritage, Zervos has felt a strong connection to the marathon since the 1988 Olympics.

The Kastellorizian has been participating in marathons ever since, embracing a tradition that has been part of the modern Olympics since 1896.

This year he’s running with a powerful message: “Racing Against Racism” ; it’s about helping Courage to Care deliver Upstander educational programs to students across Victoria.

Mike Zervos embracing his Greek heritage. Photo: Supplied

Zervos, as the CEO of Courage to Care, a charity dedicated to educating people about the dangers of racism, was honoured with an OAM (Order of Australia Medal) earlier in the year in recognition of his outstanding community service; Courage to Care has touched the lives of more than 160,000 students.

Now, he’s channeling his energy into a cause that matters deeply to him.

He firmly believes that “we must educate our youth about the perils of hate speech and that every individual should consider what they can do to make a positive impact. Courage to Care calls this concept ‘being an Upstander’.”

The Upstander programs are designed to educate students about the dangers of racism, discrimination, and prejudice, featuring powerful firsthand testimonies from Holocaust Survivor Speakers whose lives were saved by Upstander actions.