The reinstatement of the iconic name Victorian Premier League has been decided by Football Victoria. The change is more than just nominal as it comes to harmonise the two smaller divisions of Victorian football with the new major national division which is expected to start with the new season.

The two categories will remain professional with participating teams having to meet specific criteria that will allow them to participate in the two national championships in the future.

The already existing A-League as well as the second national division which, according to all indications, will start in the 2024 season.

This is certainly exciting news that comes to somewhat calm soccer fans who are worried about the future of the sport. The noise coming from the headquarters of the federation had started to worry the fans who keep hearing about the second national division but never see it.

Its creation will be an event that, according to many, will radically change the image and the fate of football in Australia.

The … comfortable teams of the A – League will finally have to fight for their stay in the top division while the smaller clubs will spit blood in order to be able to dream of their participation in the top level of domestic football.

The new badge of the VPL leagues. Source:

Changes that can only do good for the king of sports who here in Australia has taken on a supporting role behind the extremely popular footy and cricket.

Football Victoria’s head of leagues Dan Birrel said about the renaming of the NPL2 and NPL3.

“We have the opportunity to promote and grow these events in a meaningful way, setting an example not just in Victoria but across Australia. These changes are a very good example of the direction Australian football has taken.

As we move towards a new model in the top tiers of the Men’s and Women’s leagues, bringing back the VPL name allows us to re-explore the commercial value of the product.”

The names of the leagues were not the only changes announced by the federation.

Football Victoria has also moved to change the Men’s Under-21 and Women’s Under-19 leagues.

The age limit for the under 21 league changes to 23, while the women’s equivalent, which has an age limit of 19, will now have an upper age of 20.

Hopefully the federation will continue the changes with a view to finally growing the sport within Australian borders.