Angelina Jolie is currently in Greece, working on the production of ‘Maria’, a biographical film that delves into the turbulent life of Greek opera diva, Maria Callas directed by Pablo Larraín.

Jolie’s presence has been creating quite a buzz in the Peloponnese as one of the main filming locations is the historic Apollon Theater, where some of the film’s most significant scenes are being shot.

After her time in Pyrgos, Jolie was transported to the picturesque coastal town of Katakolo.

It is in Katakolo that a yacht, meticulously named Christina O for the purpose of the movie, awaited her arrival.

The choice of the yacht adds an authentic touch to the film, as it was indeed a favourite of Maria Callas herself.

Jolie, 48, was spotted during the weekend on the yacht wearing a replica of one of Callas’ most iconic outfits during the time of her romance with Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, who went on to wed Jackie Kennedy.

“I take very seriously the responsibility to Maria’s life and legacy,” Jolie said previously in a statement.

“I will give all I can to meet the challenge. To be allowed the chance to tell more of Maria’s story with him, and with a script by Steven Knight, is a dream.”

The production of Maria has also taken great care in replicating the real-life wardrobe of the Greek soprano, however, in a nod to modern environmental concerns, the fur outfits used in the film are sourced from renowned designer Massimo Cantini Parrini.

The film’s production team collaborated with the environmental organisation PETA to ensure a minimal environmental footprint while recreating Callas’ iconic fur pieces.