The 2023 Greek Film Festival begins its journey  tomorrow screening Greece’s official entry for the Oscars, ‘Behind the Haystacks”.

In Melbourne, the grand premiere will take place at The Astor Theatre and Palace Cinema Como, while Sydney audiences can enjoy it at the Palace Norton Street in Leichhardt.

The Adelaide Festival is scheduled to kick off on October 24, adding to the excitement of this cinematic celebration.

The film has already received the prestigious Iris Awards from the Greek Academy of Cinema.

Directed by Asimina Proedrou, “Behind the Haystacks” has been officially selected as Greece’s contender for the Best International Feature Film category at the 96th Academy Awards.

The decision was made by Deputy Minister of Culture, Christos Dimas, followed the deliberations of a specially convened seven-member committee, formed exclusively for this purpose.

“The committee was thoroughly impressed by the film’s ability to creatively address and artistically depict the ethical and economic challenges faced by Greece during those turbulent times. The film’s narrative does so with clarity, honesty, and a keen sense of empathy, offering an insightful perspective that contributes to understanding the moral and economic turmoil of the country. This, in turn, aids in navigating through the real and aesthetic chaos, a prerequisite for self-awareness and liberation from confusion,” The Ministry of Culture had said in a statement.

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