Melbournian painter Mary Raphael is currently exhibiting her work at the The Convent Daylesford building in one of the most beautiful parts and she continued to pursue of rural Victoria. The artist was born in North West Greece, and Raphael arrived in Australia as an older child with her family.

The Convent Daylesford, operated as a monastery for over 90 years, while Raphael’s artwork is currently on display in the building’s Balcony Gallery. Raphael’s style highlights the peace, tranquility, and beauty of nature. In other words, there could be no more ideal – and idyllic – place to exhibit her work than The Convent Daylesford. As the exhibition puts it, Raphael’s “use of colour and texture highlights the grandeur and uniqueness of Australia’s spiritual heart.”

Mary Raphael was born in Greece but came here young and has a love of Australian nature. Photo: Supplied

Mary Raphael was born in Greece – and specifically in Ioannina – but migrated with her parents to Australia – and Melbourne – at an early age in the 1960s. Her early memories and of the Greek nature of Epirus still fascinate her and have had an impact on her work.

Raphael has previously told to Neos Kosmos, “I have been painting since I can remember the world around me. My studies simply showed me how to express myself properly, and to respect the rules, without, however, binding my inspiration.”