Popular folk artists Vasilis Terlegas and Alekos Zazopoulos, offered hundreds of Greek Australian fans a night to remember at the Nafpaktian House on Monday.

The evening, brimming with song, dance, Hellenic appetizers, and drinks, was so lively that some left disappointed due to the overwhelming turnout.

Due to the massive response the duo decided to host another farewell night in Melbourne, specifically at Trak, on Sunday, November 19.

The event at the Naupaktian House “proved the younger generation’s desire to revel in Greek folk songs and dances.

A full house. Photo: Con Deves


“Without a doubt, in addition to the explosion of spirits, we set a record for flowers on Monday,” said Kostas Athanasiou, the organizer of the Terlegas, Zazopoulos tour.

Terlegas and Zazopoulos will also perform on Friday, November 10, at the Cyprus Club in Adelaide and on Saturday, November 11, at Villa Blanca in Bankstown, Sydney.

Photo: Con Deves

For those interested in securing tickets for their upcoming shows, please call Kostas Athanasiou at 0422 472 006.

The two folk singers initiated their joint performances in the 2021-2022 season in Athens and continue their collaboration in Australia.

Another joyful group that celebrated at the Naupaktian House trying to get photos of Terlegas. Photo: Con Deves
Giorgos Babatzias (right) with Vangelis Pantioras (clarinet) and singer Spyros Siolos. Photo: Con Deves
Singer Alekos Zazopoulos accompanied by Vangelis Pantioras (clarinet). Photo: Con Deves