Clelia Charissis, the TV host of Star Channel show Apostoli (Mission) will transports Neos Kosmos’ readers to the historical enclave of Nafplio along with her viewers.

Apostoli is a travel-centric magazine serving as a meticulous guide, unveiling the concealed treasures of Greece while accentuating the profound connections with the Greek diaspora.

Scheduled for both print and online publication this Saturday, the forthcoming episode has been condensed into a feature article that offers a captivating exploration of one of the jewels in the Argolic region—the venerable city of Nafplio.

Serving as the inaugural capital of the nascent Greek state from 1823 to 1834, Nafplio, according to mythology, was founded by Nafplios, progeny of Poseidon and Danae Anymone.

Clelia with the Rozi family, exploring the distinct graviera of the area. Photo: Apostoli/Supplied

The cultural odyssey of Nafplio spans epochs, from its participation in the Argonaut Expedition and the Trojan War to its decline in Roman times, only to experience a renaissance during the Byzantine era. The city bears the imprints of diverse influences, including those of the Franks, Venetians, and Turks.

Within its bounds lie ancient walls, medieval fortresses, monuments, statues, Ottoman fountains, Venetian, and neoclassical edifices—each a captivating historical and architectural gem, collectively extending a gracious welcome to discerning visitors.

For an in-depth encounter with this fascinating journey, stay tuned into Apostoli_Mission via Neos Kosmos this Saturday.

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