Silia , the 16-year-old Greek Cypriot up-and-coming pop sensation from Sydney, will represent Cyprus in next year’s Eurovision contest.

Silia Kapsis, who will represent Cyprus at next year’s Eurovision contest, is only 16 but has performed as the lead vocalist for the Australian Youth Performing Arts Company (AYPAC) and is regular at international music events. The Greek-Cypriot Australian on The Morning Show said she was excited to represent Cyprus.

“I am Over the moon! Eurovision is a song competition and a celebration of culture, diversity, unity, music, and incredible talent. “I feel so privileged to be up on that stage and blessed to be given this opportunity,” Kapsis told the Channel 7 morning program.

On her Hellenic roots, Silia said her father is Cypriot, and her mother is Greek. “It’s perfect,” she said, adding she was “blessed” to represent Cyprus in the next Eurovision contest. Silia came to notice in 2022 after the release of her debut song, Who Am I? which she wrote when she was just 12 years old.

Singles, Disco Dancer, and No Boys Allowed followed in 2023. Last week, Silia released a new single, Night Out, “a sweet teenage love story, a sweet connection, a song about innocent teenage love”.

“Every day I think about how I’m going to be on the Eurovision stage, I can’t wait, it’s going to be fantastic… I’m going to do a lot of vocal exercises; I’m going to warm up my voice; I’m going to warm up for my dance moves on stage.”

Silia has collaborated with international choreographers and was chosen to join the Los Angeles-based Imma Beast Dance Company. She performed with Stephen’ Twitch’ Boss on The Jennifer Hudson Show. She participated in a dance documentary by Taboo, a legendary Black Eyed Peas member. Silvia also acted and was the lead as Zoe in her first short film, Pearly Gates. She worked on several Nickelodeon television shows and is a frequent host on Nick News. Silia said that Los Angeles was her “second home.”

When asked about the details of her Eurovision song, Silia said, “It’s a secret, but little things will be popping out here and there.” She revealed that Andrew Lambrou, the Cypriot-Australian who represented Cyprus in 2023, gave her “a few tips about the whole Eurovision process.”

Despite her young age, Silia is prepared for the pinnacle of OTT Euro-pop glam. Cyprus has often entered the Eurovision Song Contest without ever taking home a trophy.Silia’s message to Hellenes in Australia, the Diaspora, Greeks, and Cypriots in the motherlands is: “I adore you, and I will do everything I can to make you proud. Cyprus, I love you!”