Football Victoria have provided an update concerning the current level of debt owed to them by clubs, totalling at close to $2 million.

This followed with a list of those who are financially compliant, and of the Greek based clubs in Victoria, only one was not listed – Kingston City FC.

Neos Kosmos reached out to the club for comment and were informed that this was an error and they contacted Football Victoria, who will update the list as soon as possible.

Three Greek clubs were listed with an asterisk, noting that they have entered payment arrangements but will be removed if the terms of their arrangements are breached.

Port Melbourne SC, South Springvale SC and Yarraville FC fell under this category.

In the statement, Football Victoria say clubs who cannot meet the financial obligations will be ineligible to participate in 2024, and stressed the impact this will have on all involved.

“This matter is of the highest importance to the players, parents, guardians and families who form the backbone of our football community.”

“If you pay a registration fee to a club that is in debt and in breach of its financial commitments, your funds may be unrecoverable as the club may not be fit to compete in the 2024 Season.”

It is also suggested that clubs are failing to forward registration fees paid by participants to the head body.

The organisation expects most clubs to rectify their debts ahead of next season, but also say they recognise that some clubs are not financially sustainable.

Resulting matters may include mergers, acquisitions or closures of clubs, which Football Victoria say “although challenging – would ultimately lead to stronger and more sustainable clubs who can offer a better football experience for their members and the community they serve.”

For the full list of clubs who are currently complying with their financial requirements, visit this link.