This Saturday’s Mulgrave by-election is about giving voters an important choice after years of neglect by Labor. One of the joys for me in recent weeks has been moving around Mulgrave and meeting people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

In many ways, Mulgrave represents the very best of Victoria. Hardworking Victorians who want to give their families the best opportunities they can.

The very best is personified by the local Greek community, which has been hit by Labor’s record taxes on families and small businesses who are the lifeblood of the local community.

They have been subjected to a series of increasing taxes and charges under Labor whether it’s land tax, stamp duty, payroll tax or record electricity power prices. Then there is Labor’s new health tax which will increase the cost of visiting a doctor and threatens bulk billing.

Over the last nine years we have witnessed the devastation caused by the Labor Government on areas like Mulgrave. The incompetence, the waste and mismanagement, and the neglect that has contributed to poor local infrastructure and crumbling roads.

We’ve seen a tired and arrogant government out of touch with everyday Victorians as they experience increasing cost of living pressures.

A government mired in record debt, overseeing the highest taxes in Australia while wasting over $30 billion on major project cost blowouts.

A government that has neglected basic service delivery in our schools, hospitals, roads, and in community safety. And a government that has introduced or increased more than 50 taxes since coming to office.

A government that has crushed small businesses, driven up the cost to see your doctor, take your child to school, or pay your power bills.

It’s time to send Labor a message. We need to give the people of Mulgrave a choice.

In Courtney Mann we have a fantastic candidate who grew up in Mulgrave and understands the local community. He has a young family and has worked in small businesses. Courtney offers a viable alternative to the tired and incompetent Labor Government.

An alternative to the mounting debt, record taxes and hospital waiting lists. An alternative to the chronic teacher shortages, crumbling roads, housing crisis and cost blow-outs to major projects.

Courtney and the Liberal Party want Mulgrave to be a place where people pursue their aspirations and dreams without interference from government. Courtney and the Liberals want Mulgrave to be a place where people can be encouraged to be enterprising rather than punished for doing so.

A place with the best infrastructure and services that don’t cost people an arm and a leg to access them. Courtney and the Liberals want to lower taxes, not increase them. We will reduce regulations on small businesses and individuals because this will lead to greater economic growth, jobs and prosperity for all. Courtney Mann will provide a strong voice for Mulgrave in Parliament after years of neglect.

It’s time to send Labor a message in Mulgrave.

John Pesutto is the leader for the Victorian Opposition and the Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs

Courtney Mann Liberal candidate for the Mulgrave by-election. Photo; X