Greek Cypriot Australian Tia Christophi, founder and CEO of a social media marketing agency, has integrated her passion for fitness into her daily lifestyle, inspired by her mother and grandmother, who share the same love for exercise.

During the pandemic, Tia, a former influencer with over 229k followers on Instagram, launched the Fit in Lockdown program, catering to students and teenagers who had to interrupt their sports activities due to COVID-19 measures.

The 22-year-old’s life changed drastically during the pandemic, but she never stopped hitting the gym, even if she had to re-create the environment herself. The influence of her mother, Vanessa, and her grandmother, Leslie, who share the same passion for maintaining a good physical condition, has been crucial.

The unique bond between three generations of strong Greek Cypriot women comes alive through their shared workouts.

“I love training with my mom and grandmother, three generations lifting weights and doing cardio,” Tia told Neos Kosmos.

Tia with her grandmother. Photo: Supplied

“We try to work out together once weekly or every two weeks. It’s always a good time to push each other a little more during our workout. My other grandmother is also amazing; we go there on Sundays, and it feels like a celebration!” referring to her Cypriot grandmother, Mrs Christofi.

What makes this trio stand out is that when seen together, Tia explained, it’s hard to distinguish who the grandmother is and who the mother is, as the “impeccable physical condition” of her 64-year-old grandmother Leslie often has her confused with her daughter Vanessa (Tia’s mother).Despite the 43 years that separate the grandmother from her granddaughter, both lift weights and follow the same training program, often dressed in similar sportswear.

“All of us together, Leslie, Vanessa, and Tia, we represent three generations of women breaking stereotypes about age, inspiring others to follow our example and adopt a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.”

Tia with her grandmother. Photo: Supplied

One of the videos showcasing their joint workout caught the world’s attention and went viral on social media.Beyond her passion for fitness, 22-year-old Tia Christofi is fully dedicated to her business, Social CEO, which she runs with a team of five young women who share her desire to evolve and find authentic and personable marketing methods constantly.