A charity event organised by Betty Athanasaki to raise funds for “the Smile of the Child” has brought in $15,386 to support its mission of bringing smiles to all children.

The non-profit association based in Athens was conceived 28 years ago on November 9 when its then-10-year-old founder Andreas Yiannopoulos wrote in his diary his desire to create an organisation where all children, equally, could smile happily.

That day marked the beginning of its journey and it has for the past 28 year now supported 2,055,586 children and their families, including managing 4,880,686 calls to the four Support and Help Phone Lines it operates.

The crowd enjoying dinner and getting together at the event. Photo: Supplied

This initiative that was initiated by Ms Athanasaki is supported by the Greeks of Australia, having sent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to the “Smile of the Child” organisation.

This year’s charity event proved to be another great success, comprising of dancing, eating, fun and raw feeling.

180 people in total attended at the hall of the Pallaconian Brotherhood and generously donated towards this cause, raising over $15,000 with further contributions continuing.