The Hellenic Art Theatre is set to close this year with its production of Manolis Korres’ play, ‘Lumbago’, a comedy which, though written decades ago, still holds immense relevance today.

The play is directed by Stavros Economidis and is being performed in Greek with English subtitles every Friday, Saturday (7.30 pm) and Sunday (5 pm) until December 3 at the Greek Theatre at Addi Road (Mantouridion) in Marrickville.

Evelyn Tsavalas, who plays the character of Rena in this performance, said that ‘Lumbago’ gains the sympathy and empathy of the audience with its depiction of its characters during immense struggle.

Evelyn Tsavalas in action. Photo: Supplied

“With so many tragedies happening around us, Stavros chose this play as it is a refreshing comedy that captures real human situations and characters that we can all relate to,” Ms Tsavalas told Neos Kosmos.

The play’s narrative centres on the financial struggles of a couple, Nikos and Mary, and the elevated tension that arises when Mary has to step into Nikos business duties because of him suffering an ill-timed case of lumbago (back pain), something he does not believe she is capable of doing.

A scene from the play. Photo: Supplied

Ms Tsavalas believes this theme can easily resonate with audiences given today’s economic climate, while also arguing that the commentary regarding the negative view of women in business still holds weight today.

“Although the position of women in society and in business have changed dramatically for the better in recent decades, there still seems to be inequality amongst the genders both at home and at work,” the actress said.

Building on this, Ms Tsavalas, who is also the Production Manager, stressed that the underestimation of women and their abilities to rise up and take control is a core notion of this play.

The play will be on till 3 December. Photo: Supplied

‘Lumbago’ is seen as a combination of humour and authentically human scenes, depicting characters that feel intensely real and delivering laughs through lively wit to entertain audiences of all ages.

In addition to Ms Tsavalas, the cast consists of: Mimika Valaris (Aunt Olga), John Daviskas (Nikos), Marion Anthi (Mary) and Michael Falaras (Pavlidis).

Among the crew for the production are: Athanasis Fotiadis, Nick Tsioukanis, Alex Tsamalikos, Anna Giovanaki and Maria Charalambous. More information on the play and how to book tickets can be found at