The Hellenic Museum is set to hold its seventh annual Summer School this coming January in what promises to be a deep exploration of the world of ancient Greeks and Romans.

The Summer School will run from 8-12 January 2024 and will be presented by Dr Christopher Gribbin, a public historian specialising in ancient Greece and Rome.

Dr Gribbin, who is also an Adjunct Lecturer at La Trobe University and has also lectured at Melbourne and Monash universities, will present four short courses offered in the program.

These courses will consist of five sessions spread over each day with participants able to enrol in any and all of them (there is a discount for anyone who enrols in all four).

The Summer School will host these courses both in-person at the Hellenic Museum as well as offer it online.

The daily schedule is as follows:

10.00–11.00 – Oedipus and His Family

11.30–12.30 – Love & Relationships

13.30–14.30 – Socrates: His Life and Times

15.00–16.00 – Cities of the Greek & Roman World

A free lecture by Dr Gribbin has been organised for 2 p.m. this Saturday, December 2, at the Museum and online to give people a taste of the Summer School.

The talk titled “The Legacy of Ancient Greek Architecture in Melbourne” will explore the city’s architecture from the 1840s to today, including how architects drew from a variety of traditions to create the fascinating architectural medley of present-day Melbourne with a focus on the influences of ancient Greece.

More information on the program and the lecture, including how to enrol/reserve a spot, can be found at the following link: