Netflix is facing criticism for its documentary titled “World War II: From the Frontlines”, with one major inaccuracy presented being its suggestion Italy overcame “weak Greek resistance” during their invasion in World War II.

The streaming service’s latest documentary produced in the United Kingdom incorporates vividly enhanced archival footage and voices from all sides of the conflict and is being promoted as bringing WWII to life like never before.

The first episode briefly covers the Italian invasion with the narrator saying “Meanwhile, Fascist Italy has invaded neighbouring Greece” before archival footage of a reporter is heard saying “Troops are moving forward on all fronts after breaking through the weak Greek resistance”.

This has caused a stir among many Greeks and history buffs given that records affirm Greece successfully defended itself from the Italian forces, so much so that Germany had to send forces of its own to help their Axis allies with the overall conflict lasting from October 28 1940 to April 23 April 1941.

The German intervention in the conflict with Greece is argued by some as a major moment in the war as it delayed their invasion of Russia until the winter, which proved a pivotal factor in the Russians’ ability to ward off the attacking forces and change the tide of WWII.

User reviews on the series’ IMDB have also picked up on other historical errors they believe the show has made in addition to its depiction of the Greek resistance against Italy.

This is not the first time this year that Netflix has gone through controversy, with their docuseries “Queen Cleopatra” being criticised for “blackwashing” due to having a black actress play the historical figure despite her being of Greek descent.