Jason Sotiris, founder of the children’s charity “Supertee” charity, is set to participate in the Australia Day festivities in NSW’s Lane Cove Council area after being named an Australia Day Ambassador.

This is the second year in a row Mr Sotiris has been bestowed this honour after participating in last year’s activities from Camden Council, and it is something he considers an immense privilege.

“To be invited again really means a lot to me. I am a very proud Australian and I love the ceremonies I get to watch where I see people become Australian citizens,” Mr Sotiris told Neos Kosmos.

“It always reminds me of when my parents and grandparents would have come to Australia and when all my relatives became Australians themselves, so it is a very humbling experience.”

The Greek-Australian has gained great recognition for his work with the “Supertee” charity, which he started in June 2018 as a response to his daughter, Angela, who was in hospital with a rare form of cancer called Langerhans Cell Hystiocytosis.

Jason Sotiris in his Supertee. Photo: Supplied

Angela overcame the slim 20% survival rate and became cancer-free, and Mr Sotiris used the knowledge from his time supporting her to create a practical medical garment designed like a superhero costume as a replacement for the standard hospital gown: the Supertee.

The work with the charity, which last year supported over 10,000 children, has put a spotlight on Mr Sotiris and seen him now get nominated anonymously twice to be an Australia Day Ambassador.

“Whoever nominated me felt I was worthy to be considered and it was a humbling experience to be considered and then also chosen. There are a lot of good people doing amazing things out there so it is a great honour to be selected,” he said.

Jason Sotiris with Supertee. Photo: Supplied

In this role, Mr Sotiris will feature prominently in the activities throughout the day in the Lane Cove Council area, including at the citizenship ceremony.

“I get to share my view on what it is like being an Australian with everybody (especially those that are becoming Australian), what I love about this country, the opportunities it has given me and hopefully what it can give to others,” the “Supertee” founder said.

“It also involves a lot of waving and a lot of handshakes,” he said with a chuckle.

The former tradie stressed how honours like these always make him reflect on the opportunities and possibilities that Australia can offer people, and that much can be achieved with a bit of determination and a little help from others.

“I have managed to create something that is of benefit to children because of the community of people, because of Australians getting behind an idea that they see could make a difference for others,” he said.

Jason Sotiris and his Supertee boxes at work. Photo: Supplied

Mr Sotiris stated that his story is emblematic of the Australian spirit, wherein even without being the most educated, wealthiest or most connected person in the world, you can still find success with a bit of determination and help from others.

“If you believe in something, and believe it is good and that it will make a difference and that you are willing to take on the risk and have the support of other people, you can be surprised how a small group of people can grow into a big community that makes a major difference for others,” he said.

The “Supertee” founder elaborated on the incredible growth of the charity since its inception, and shared that their aim is to help 16,000 of Australia’s sickest and injured children this year as well as introduce new designs.

Offering a Supertee box to a little brave patient. Photo: Supplied

“When we started, we launched within one hospital. We are now at 76 hospitals nationwide,” he said.

“This year, we are looking to expand our range of hero costumes available so you will start to see us move into different themes and characters that children can enjoy and that will encourage them to play within the hospital.”

Despite the excitement of the charity’s progress, Mr Sotiris shared what will already be his happiest, proudest moment of the year and it relates to an amazing landmark in Angela’s life.

“My daughter also starts high school this year. With every she has gone through, it is quite a milestone for our family to see her achieve that.”