Celebrating her 102nd birthday on Wednesday 10 of January, Despina Papadopoulou stands as a living testament to the strength of the human spirit. Despite the passage of time, she continues to amaze those around her with her unwavering stamina, vivacity, and an enduring love for dance.

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Despina’s roots trace back to the rich cultural tapestry of Greece. Her parents, originally from Lemnos, Smirny, Patmos, and Leros, carried the essence of Greek heritage to Egypt. Despina’s early years were marked by the warmth of a close-knit family and the vibrant multicultural atmosphere of Alexandria.

In 1962, Despina’s family embarked on a significant journey, leaving the shores of Egypt for Greece. Two years later, the promise of a better life led them to Australia, where they settled in Melbourne. The transition was not without challenges, but the warmth of the Greek community, both familial and neighbourly, provided a sense of belonging.

Despina in the Antoniadis Botanical Gardens in Alexandria 1957. Photo: Supplied

Despina’s husband, an electrical mechanic, found work at International Harvester, an American industrial plant in Dandenong.

The family’s resilience was put to the test when he passed away at a young age, leaving Despina behind with the responsibility of raising their youngest children.

Widowed and in her late 40s, Despina displayed remarkable strength.

With the money she got from her late husband, she purchased a house in Prahran, a hub of Greek culture back in the day, and became the anchor for her children.

Despite the hardships, Despina’s childhood in Melbourne was surrounded by a supportive Greek community that made her feel at home.

Despina on the steps of King Farouk’s Palace in Alexandria. Photo: Supplied

Despina’s memories of Egypt remain close to her heart. She vividly describes Alexandria as a cosmopolitan city where different nationalities coexisted harmoniously, a stark contrast to what she witnessed upon her return years later.

While Despina has slowed down due to arthritis, she finds joy in her family, particularly her great-grandchildren.

Living with one of her daughters, Mary, Despina continues to share her wisdom and experiences. Known for her practicality, logical thinking, and persistence, Despina’s feisty spirit remains intact.

Mary, reflects on her mother’s influence: “Mom is living with me now. She was living on her own. But I thought enough is enough. I think it’s time I look after her. So just recently she moved in. And I’m looking after her now in amongst my other obligations and things. I also work with my husband. But I choose to spend time with mom and the fact that I can see her and, know what she’s doing gives me peace of mind.”

Despina and her husband pictured in the dining room of “Patris” in July 1964 headed for Australia. Photo: Supplied

Mary further expresses the impact of Despina’s presence, saying, “She has five children in total, eight grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren, with the addition of two young ones that were just born a month.. two months before. They come often to visit and mom enjoys these visits so much. It’s a joy for her to see the little ones running around. And especially when the four-year-old dances… oh, she gets her real happiness. You know, you can see it on her face.”

As Despina celebrates her birthday surrounded by family, the festivities extend beyond a single day.

A double celebration with her great-granddaughter, Aria, promises balloons, cakes, and the joy of dance—a reflection of the vibrant spirit that has defined Despina’s century-long journey.

Mary, reflecting on the lessons she received from her mother, emphasises Despina’s profound impact on her life.

Despina’s husband bought this Humber on arrival so he could drive to work and take the family out for drives. Photo: Supplied

“The best lesson I got from my mother is to have patience. She would always tell me, ‘in life, in whatever you do, don’t stress because stressing doesn’t help the situation, and just lead a quiet life.’ That’s what she’s always taught me. You know, in life. And that’s very true of how she lived her life,” Mary tells Neos Kosmos.

As Despina Papadopoulou reached this extraordinary milestone, her life story serves as an inspiration.

Beyond the celebration of 102 remarkable years on Earth, it is a testament to the strength derived from cultural roots, the unwavering bonds of family, and the resilience to face life’s challenges.

Despina still loves dancing. Photo: Facebook

Despina’s legacy transcends time, weaving together the threads of Greek heritage, multicultural experiences, and the joy found in the simple pleasures of family, dance, and the enduring embrace of a loving community.

As she continues to cherish each moment, Despina Papadopoulou remains a beacon of resilience, imparting valuable lessons on patience, fortitude, and the beauty of leading a quiet, meaningful life.

Her story resonate as a source of inspiration for generations to come, reminding us of the richness found in a life well-lived.