The US military carried out a new strike in Yemen targeting anti-ship ballistic missiles in a Houthi-controlled part of the country, two US officials say, in the latest military action against the rebel group over its targeting of Red Sea shipping.

US officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the strike on Tuesday targeted four anti-ship missiles.

The strike has not been previously reported.

Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping have continued even after US President Joe Biden last week ordered an initial wave of strikes to degrade Houthi capabilities.

The Houthis, who control most of Yemen’s Red Sea coast, have claimed their attacks on commercial ships are aimed at supporting the Palestinians in Israel’s war in Gaza.

The Houthi movement has pledged to expand its targets in the Red Sea region to include US ships and has vowed to keep up attacks after US and UK forces carried out dozens of strikes last week against radar and missile capabilities.

On Monday, Houthi forces struck the US-owned and operated dry bulk ship Gibraltar Eagle with an anti-ship ballistic missile, the US military said.

The Greek coastguard confirmed to the DPA news agency on Tuesday that the Greek cargo ship Zografia was fired upon in the Red Sea on its way to the Suez Canal.

There were 24 crew members of unknown nationality on board, none of whom were injured, the coastguard said.

The ship, which flies under a Maltese flag, was damaged but was able to continue on its original route towards the Suez Canal.

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations organisation UKMTO first reported an incident in the Red Sea on the social media platform X.

A security officer reported that the ship had been “hit by an unknown object in the cargo hold,” UKMTO said, adding that it took place 185km northwest of the Yemeni port of Salif.

Greek media reported that it was a missile attack.

with DPA