Greek Cypriot Australian Silia Kapsis, who will represent Cyprus at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, recently spoke about the song selection and her excitement.

Speaking to popular show Super Katerina she said: “It was my childhood dream to sing at Eurovision. When I was very young, I used to watch it with my grandma and grandpa, and now I’m here, and I’m very happy.”

Furthermore, she added: “I will dance because the song is very danceable. When I heard ‘Liar,’ my jaw dropped, I said this is the song.”

At another point, the 16-year-old singer said: “It’s a surprise what I’ll wear, I think it will be pants, with a top, with some blink, we’ll see.”

Kapsis’ bio is already rich in spite of her young age. She has been participating in performances since the age of 4 and has been trained by elite artists who are all top in their field.

She has received many awards, such as the Bobby McCloughan Creative Arts Award (130 Anniversary Award) at Claremont College, the St Vincent’s College Madame Christian Scholarship for Singing, and most recently, she was awarded a scholarship at the Village Nation Performing Arts College.

Finally, the Sydney born and raised talent added that she attends her school’s classes online and makes a huge effort to stay on course while taking on the task to represent her country of origin in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.