Greek Cypriot Australian Elena K Tsolakis has been recognised as one of the most influential female architects in the world.

The co-founder of Cyprus and London based Kyriakos Tsolakis Architects features in a new book from the Royal Institute of British Architects, titled ‘100 Women: Architects in Practice’.

Launching today in New York, the book celebrates the most influential architects of our day and highlights the difference that exemplary architecture can have on the world around us.

It features female architects from across six continents and 79 countries, who are making their mark on the architectural world.

Cover of the new book. Photo: Supplied

In a field traditionally dominated by men, there is hope that Elena and the other women in the book can inspire others and showcase the role they all play in shaping our built environments for the better.

Elena, alongside her brother and sister, Nicodemos and Cassandra, who are also architects, have consciously focused their studio’s work on public and cultural buildings; those that, as she says, ‘can have the greatest positive impact’.

Some of firm’s projects are located in remote mountain regions, like the National Star Observatory of Cyprus on the Troodos Mountains, and can help bring people to these forgotten regions.

Other work from the studio focuses on social equality, including the first purpose-built women’s shelter in Cyprus for SPAVO, a place which empowers abused women to rebuild their life.

While projects such as a culinary school, and the Charisma Wellness Resort in Mykonos have become hubs for longevity and wellbeing.