Saint Charalambos in Templestowe came alive with a big crowd across all ages of Greek Orthodox parishioners and revelers on Sunday.

Following the the Divine Liturgy, the parish organised an outdoor Greek Festival, drawing a diverse crowd of compatriots and esteemed guests from the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Despite the scorching heat, the event resonated with warmth and camaraderie as attendees embraced the spirit of the occasion.

Bishop Kyriakos of Sozopolis, serving as the Archbishopric Commissioner of Melbourne, led the process through the Divine Liturgy.

Alongside him were the venerable Bishop Themistocles of Nikopolis, representing the Patriarchate of Alexandria, and Fathers Elias Kentrotis, Menelaos Chatzoglou, and Dimitrios Drougas.

In his address, Bishop Kyriakos conveyed the heartfelt wishes and blessings of Archbishop Makarios of Australia, uplifting the spirits of all present.

The festivities continued post-Liturgy with the Greek Festival, offering an array of cultural delights and community engagement.

All photos by Con Deves.