Cyprus will bear witness to the first edition of the Cyprus Diaspora Forum next month, a four-day spectacle in which numerous members of the Cypriot diaspora from across the globe will be able to share their successes in various business industries and sectors.

The forum will be held from March 6-9 at the Parklane Resort and Spa in Limassol, and will bring together Cypriot diaspora communities, prominent figures from Cyprus’ public and private sectors, media, academia, and civic society.

The event will feature roughly 150 speakers as well as representatives from approximately 80 countries, including Australia, United Kingdom, U.S.A, South Africa, South Africa, Scotland, India Switzerland, Germany, Africa, Israel, UAE etc.

The forum is said to have attracted a high level of interest from HNWIs and foreign investors interested in the island’s growth sectors and its unique investment opportunities.

Along with the various panels and keynote speakers, the program also features the CYDIA Awards on the final night of the forum, honouring Cypriots of the diaspora in several categories, including the Lifetime Achievement Award.

This formal event will include a gala dinner and special entertainment.

Ms Kaoullas. Photo: Supplied

Among the people helping organise this event is Cypriot-born Melburnian, Ms Filli Kaoullas, who is acting as the PR and Communications for this forum and has been tasked by one of its main organisers, Paul Lambis, with sourcing Cypriot-Australians to participate in it.

Ms Kaoullas expressed sincere joy in the high level of engagement that has already been shown by the country’s Cypriot community and is encouraging people from all across Australia to reach out and share their interest.

“I am very proud to say that, as of three months ago, 30% of the registrations are of Australian background,” Ms Kaoullas told Neos Kosmos.

“I would love to find people from all across Australia. I would love for people to reach out and suggest people to us that would be great to participate in the Forum.”

Ms Kaoullas highlighted some of the many notable Australians participating in the event such as Mr Peter Abraham, the Chief Strategy and Growth Officer for International Holding Company (based in Abu Dhabi) and singer Andrew Lambrou (who represented Cyprus in Eurovision last year).

“There is quite a range of people from various industries and sectors, and I am really happy with that,” she said.

“Mr Lambrou is also going to be one of the performers on the Gala night which we are very excited for.”

The lounge at Parklane Resort and Spa in Limassol. Photo: Supplied

Ms Kaoullas mentioned that in addition to the forum, the Australian High Commissioner to Cyprus, Ms Fiona McKergow, has indicated interest in having a private meet-and-greet function for all the Australian attendees from Australia.

She also raised the hope of the organisers that this event can become an annual tradition.

“At the beginning, Paul (Lambis) was very worried as there is already a forum of this kind that is hosted by the Cypriot Government every year in August, but that one draws in a lot of political dignitaries,” Ms Kaoullas said.

“What has made this one very interesting to the people who are registering and the people sponsoring or attending is that it is not politically driven. It is strictly about showcasing the intelligent, entrepreneurial and/or successful exploits of the Cypriot diaspora.”

The active member of Melbourne’s Cypriot community concluded by saying the organisers “would love for it be annually and we love the month of March”.