‘Opou Gis & Patris’, a theatrical production co-produced with the Greek Community of Melbourne, is coming direct from Greece for just three performances on March 8, 9 and 10 at the Clayton Community Centre.

Written by Konstantinos Kalymniou, the scenario is expertly brought to life by the talented duo of Eleni Tsefalas and Stamatis Tzelepis, highlighting the resilience of Greek immigrants and their ability to adapt, endure, and thrive wherever they may find themselves.

The play, comprising four interconnected stories titled ‘Hellas, mana tou kaimou’, ‘Akra tou tafou’, ‘Pro ton eisodion’, and ‘Opou Gis & Patris’, delves into the complex relationship between Greek immigrants and their homeland, as well as their profound yearning to establish roots in their new surroundings, resonating with audiences through a blend of humour and heartfelt emotion.

The production aims to illuminate the lives of uprooted Greeks worldwide, addressing the pain of separation, the challenges faced, and the moments of happiness.

It serves as a historical examination, drawing parallels between past and present, and embracing the universal aspects of human existence while injecting a healthy dose of laughter.

Directed by Stamatis Tselepis and theatrically adapted by Elena Tsefala, based on a script by Dean Kalimniou, the cast includes Stamatis Tselepis and Elena Tsefala, Antonios Baxevanidis, Jim Koutsoukos, and Ada Batsaki.

The performance, in Greek with English captioning, runs for ninety minutes without an intermission, providing an immersive experience enriched with well-known Greek songs.

For tickets visit this link.