A 46-year-old man beheaded his 76-year-old father with a chainsaw in Tríkala, Greek Police announced on Sunday.

The son called the authorities himself at 3pm and informed them of the crime.

The 46-year-old was found injured. He was arrested and taken to the hospital where he is hospitalised under guard.

According to local media, the crime may have occurred at least two days ago, in the industrial area they maintain on Kardítsis Street in Tríkala.

The investigation is ongoing to determine the exact circumstances of the crime, as well as the motive of the perpetrator.

According to ERT, the perpetrator, who claims to have psychological problems, told the authorities that he killed his father after they had an argument.

It also appeared from the evidence that there had been a struggle, as the 76-year-old had a serious neck injury from a blunt object.