The Greek Centre is set to host a free-entry lecture titled ‘Why Byzantium? The Contemporary Relevance,’ presented by Olympia Thea Nelson, a PhD candidate from the University of Sydney on Thursday, March 7.

Nelson’s lecture will delve into the enduring mystery and allure of Byzantine culture in today’s world.

She will explore the intricate relationship between modern society and the Byzantine legacy, touching on themes of aesthetic beauty, cultural influence, and religious tradition.

Olympia Thea Nelson. Photo: Supplied

Drawing from her extensive research, Nelson will shed light on why Byzantium continues to captivate and inspire contemporary audiences, particularly within the Greek community.

She will offer insights into the timeless appeal of Byzantine art, architecture, and poetry, highlighting its relevance in shaping our understanding of identity, heritage, and cultural legacy.

When: Thursday, March 7 at 7pm

Where: Level 12, The Greek Centre, 168 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 3000, VIC