A woman who threatened to let the whole of Sydney know convicted gang rapist Mohammed Skaf was the “biggest snitch” will not spend time in jail.

Alexandra Mastropetros was sentenced for the intimidation charge as well as two drug-related charges at Bankstown Local Court on Thursday.

The now 32-year-old was recorded calling Skaf in May to “highly suggest” he withdraw a statement he made to police.

“The whole of Sydney’s gonna know you’re the biggest snitch,” she said.

“I promise you by oath of Allah … I’m gonna f*** your life.”

Skaf was involved in a spate of notorious gang rapes in Sydney’s southwest in 2000.

He was jailed along with his brother Bilal and several others, and was released on parole in October 2021.

Mastropetros had called off a private number.

However, Skaf recognised her voice and another man began recording when she called him back.

“Why are you calling me to withdraw a statement, it’s got nothing to do with you,” Skaf said.

Mastropetros said she did not tell Skaf to withdraw it.

“I highly suggest you do … that’s snitching, you don’t go snitching,” she said.

“You’ve been in jail for 21 years. You should know the go.”

Mastropetros was also sentenced for supplying less than five grams of methamphetamine which she claimed was for personal use, as well as 100 buprenorphine strips.

Police found the strips inside balloons in her Louis Vuitton shoulder bag when they stopped her rented Suzuki Baleno as she drove into Hunter Correctional Centre at Cessnock in January 2023.

She told officers she purchased them for $240 from a Punchbowl service station to help her calm down.

Officers estimated the drugs were worth $100,000 in prison.

On Friday, Magistrate Glenn Walsh sentenced Mastropetros to 18 months’ imprisonment which she will serve in the community under an intensive corrections order.

She will be required to attend drug and alcohol as well as mental health counselling and has to report weekly to community corrections officers in Bankstown.

Her sentence will expire on August 21, 2025.

Source: AAP