Concrete, a short film about the struggles of identity amongst third generation Greek Australians will be having its Melbourne premiere this Wednesday in Coburg.

As part of the Almanac | The Picture Show pt. II, the film will be shown at Village Cinemas, Coburg Drive-In on Wednesday February 28, 7.30pm.

The first 20 cars will also receive a limited-edition Concrete Zine (magazine).

Directed by two young filmmakers Renee Kypriotis and Ari Kwasner-Catsi, the 20-minute short film tells the story of 19-year-old third-generation Greek Aussie, Aggelos, who faces questions of his identity as he is torn between reconnecting with his Greek culture on Easter and pursuing community within the underground rave scene.

Sydney premiere. Photo:

“He can’t speak Greek, and the last time he went to Midnight Mass was when his Yiayia was alive. After a strange interaction with a Papou watering concrete in the night, Aggelos is compelled to church in an attempt to reconnect with his Greek heritage,” a synopsis pf the film reads.

“Running from bridge underpasses to Greek churches and warehouse parties, Aggelos encounters a series of surreal interactions that test him. Asking what does it mean to be Greek three generations away from the source? How does this blend with the rest of your identity?”

Concrete is primarily for young Greek-Australian audiences, but also for similar post-war migrant groups who are experiencing this same disconnection in their younger generations.

Shooting in Marrickville. Photo:

“I think we’re drawing a lot on our personal experiences, at least I know I am a lot,” Kypriotis told Neos Kosmos in 2022, prior to filming.

A few weeks ago Concrete also had its first screening in Athens as part of the Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival (AIMAF) and in January, the film had its Sydney premiere at Pleasures Playhouse.